YTmp3 - Convert YouTube to MP3

YTmp3 is the best tool for the job when you'd like to convert certain YouTube video to MP3 format and download to your mobile or wearable device. This is not about going round and round searching for some music thru MP3 Juices app. This here is about that 1 video that you know and love. So then simply open video in a browser or YouTube app, locate the social SHARE button and tap it. In the menu that shows up, find COPY LINK and tap it. This will place video URL in clipboard. Now follow back here to YTmp4 and INSER video link into our converter. Hit CONVERT button to start the process, then hit the big Download MP3 button to start file conversion and download. You can switch conversion format to MP4 or simply follow to YTmp4 page that works offers more customizable video downloads.

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